About Samreen

Hi!  I am Dr. Samreen Mongillo, Personal Development and Success Coach. I specialize in creating a success mindset and teaching stress management techniques.  I have my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. My background as a physical therapist as well as 25 years in the fitness industry taught me the importance of the mind-body connection for a healthy lifestyle.

Through my life experiences and the teachings of my mentors, I realized that each of us has the power and the ability to create the life that they want if they create a strong mindset, and believe it is possible.

I firmly believe that our beliefs are the foundation for what manifests in our lives. Our beliefs affect our thought patterns, which affects how we feel, and ultimately affects the results that we see in our life.

I help busy professionals create greater success in life, unlock their potential by teaching them how to create a success mindset, achieve their goals and strategies for stress management.

You will learn how to maximize your potential and become the most confident version of yourself.

Through my individual coaching sessions as well as my 7 week Unlock Your Potential Transformation Program you will learn how to:

  1. Achieve a success mindset
  2. Improve your confidence
  3. Achieve your work and life goals
  4. Create a plan of action
  5. Manage stress effectively
  6. Achieve more balance in life

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.  -Napolean Hill