How a gratitude journal can add more joy to your life

I love practicing gratitude daily because it helps change my mindset into a more positive one. All too often we go about our day focusing on what’s not working, what’s not right, the glass half empty outlook which just perpetuates a cycle of stressful thinking. But there are so many things that go right, so many things that are beautiful that we take for granted everyday.  It’s the big and small things like the times we spend with our family, friends, or savoring the taste of your favorite dessert. Practicing gratitude daily whether through journaling or having more mindfulness during the day is easy to do! It’s one of the best practices that I have in my daily routine. Every night before I go to bed I try to take out my gratitude journal and write down at least one thing that I’m grateful for. I certainly have more gratitude for things throughout the day now because I am generally more aware and my focus has shifted towards gratitude. What you focus on expands. It’s the law of attraction.  Focus on the beautiful moments of the day and create more JOY. This journaling practice has certainly created more happiness in my life! What beautiful things will you notice today that you can be grateful for?