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7-Week Transformation Program


3 Reasons Why You’re Stuck (and How to Move Forward)

Reason #1: You haven’t examined your limiting beliefs.

The #1 reason I see people stay stuck in their lives and careers? They haven’t looked at the root of their issues.

No amount of meditating or exercising will help you if you don’t address the root cause of your problem which can be found inside your subconscious.

Reason #2: You haven’t figured out which habits work for your lifestyle.

Not everyone has an hour to meditate every morning – especially when they are trying to juggle their personal and professional lives as best they can! 

It’s important to choose healthy habits that work for YOU and your lifestyle – not someone else’s.

Reason #3: You don’t have anyone to keep you accountable.

Did you know that you are 65% more likely to achieve your goal if you tell someone about it?

And did you know that you’re 95% more likely to do it if you have someone to keep you accountable?

Everyone needs someone in their corner – someone who will cheer them on and keep them accountable when their willpower falters.

If you don’t have anyone like that, you can’t expect yourself to stay 100% focused, 100% of the time.

The biggest thing Samreen did is to help me identify my blind spots which were causing a decline in my productivity and level of life satisfaction. Once my blind spots were revealed she helped me set goals and action steps to meet those goals. Then, I was finally able to see progress!

-Rita B.

The Good News Is…

With the right tools at your disposal, transforming your life can be easier than ever.

By using a powerful, proven framework inspired by Jack Canfield’s revolutionary teachings, I will show you how to transform your life in 7 simple steps – and keep you accountable every step of the way.

7-Week Transformation Program

Here’s how it all breaks down.


Discover what’s holding you back from creating a life you love.  Change you limiting beliefs, create a positive mindset and learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind for success in every area of your life.


What do you *actually* want?  What if there were no limitations, what would your ideal life look like? Get clear on your life vision and purpose for greater fulfillment.


Set specific, measurable goals that are not only achievable but also aligned with who you are and where you want to go.


Manage stress and anxiety by creating habits that work for you and your lifestyle. You’ll learn how to incorporate regular exercise, better sleep and a healthy diet in your daily routine. Plus my signature morning routine is included, which will help you feel more energized throughout the day.


Learn some of my favorite tools for staying present– and how you can use them to bring peace and calm to your everyday life. You’ll learn how to make gratitude a daily practice.


Nurture your inner child by bringing more fun and play into your daily life – no matter how busy or stressed you feel right now.


Build a strong support system for yourself so you can keep growing and upleveling long after this coaching program is over.

Your Questions Answered

Some of the most important questions my past clients asked me before saying “yes” to working with me

Q:  I’m already so busy. What’s the time commitment I can expect from this program?

The program consists of 7 x 60-minute coaching sessions in which we will do the majority of the deep work necessary to transform your life.

How much time you want to spend implementing the insights you get from our time together is up to you – but I recommend dedicating at least 30 minutes to it every week.

Q:  How can I make sure you are the right coach for me?

This is exactly why I always offer my clients a free discovery call!

It’s our chance to get to know each other and figure out if we are the right fit before you commit to a full coaching program.

Q:  Ahh, there are so many programs out there!  I don’t know which one I should go for.

I know where you’re coming from! 

What really separates this program from all the others is the fact that I always begin by addressing the root cause of my client’s issues. 

We are never going to jump into “fixing” your energy levels with a workout or a nutrition plan. 

Instead, we are going to look at what’s holding you back on a subconscious level – and how you can make real changes in your daily life by addressing these blocks head-on.

Q:  Do you only work with women?

Not at all! While most of my clients these days are women, I enjoy helping men reprogram their limiting beliefs and transform their lives as well.

Packages & Pricing

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7-Week Program

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Samreen has helped me discover how to create more balance in life and tap into greater mental strength and self-empowerment.

-Anne H.